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Why is an electronic combination lock more suitable as a locker lock?

Lockers, as the name suggests, are cabinets for changing clothes and storing and retrieving clothes. In addition to household use, they are mostly used in public places such as bathing centers, gyms, swimming pools, hot spring resorts, and beauty and body care centers.


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As lockers continue to be upgraded, the locks used in lockers are also becoming more diverse. Such as password locks, smart electronic locks, face/fingerprint recognition smart locks, etc., are all common types of locks in lockers. Among them, electronic combination locks are a type of smart locks and are widely used in lockers in public places.


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Why is an electronic combination lock more suitable as a locker lock? In MAKE’s  opinion, the main reasons are as follows:

The password of the electronic combination lock is composed of numbers or symbols, and serves as the main channel to open the lock. It not only has a higher safety factor, but also frees the hands of user, eliminating the constraints of keys, cards, bracelets, etc.


Secondly, the electronic combination lock is very convenient to operate and use. The password is set and changed by the user and the lock can be unlocked by inputting the password. It is easy to use and easy to operate, and can meet the needs of most people.

In addition to basic needs, MAKE has equipped the electronic combination lock with a three-level management system and a free switching function between public and private modes, which can not only provide convenience for the use and management, but also improve the utilization rate of lockers and better meet the needs of lockers in public places.

MAKE electronic combination lock also has a low-voltage alarm prompt, and has multiple functions such as status prompts, and no-test modes to ensure the safety of users’ storage!



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