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The guardian of the shopwindow-push lock

In the department store and retail industry, there is a place to “weave dreams” for pedestrians, and that is the shopwindow. For those who love dreams, the shopwindow is like magic, using design and story scenes, fusion of unconstrained creativity, showing the brand’s concept and style.


I believe many people know that the function of the shopwindow is to “attract”. The shopwindow can not only realize the physical display of the small space, but also satisfy the consumer’s visual experience. For example, the shopwindow design uses lighting, color, matching, etc., based on a full understanding of the brand culture, and creates Infinite reverie layout theme.


While the shopwindow is fascinating, a small accessory is playing a big role. It is the lock on the shopwindow. Currently, the locks used in shopping malls are still dominated by traditional mechanical locks. Today, we will introduce to you a kind of lock that is often used in shopping malls-push lock.


Push lock is a kind of lock that locks horizontally by pressing. It is widely used in display cabinets, shop windows, wine cabinets and other places in shopping malls, as well as in various scenes such as intelligent terminal, metal cabinet, subway brake, car, trailer, train and yacht. It has a wide application range. Compared with other mechanical locks, push locks have the following advantages:



The push lock is easy to operate. It is mainly composed of a lock shell, a lock core, a spindle and other components, and has a long service life and a high cost performance. It is convenient for customers to quickly take out the goods from the window when experiencing the goods.


With the development of the times, the appearance of locks also needs to be continuously improved, which has become an important factor affecting everyone’s purchase. Push locks are generally small in size, so the space occupied during installation is relatively small and will not affect the overall aesthetics of the shopwindow. In addition, the push lock produced by MAKE is made of zinc alloy, and the surface is treated with bright chromium, bright nickel and other processes. The surface is smooth.


Reliable locks, optimal choice. After more than ten years of unremitting efforts, MAKE has many years of production and research and development experience in the field of locks. MAKE produces a wide range of locks, high cost performance, guaranteed quality, and support on-demand customization, which can meet the various needs of customers and are trusted and praised by customers.



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