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What are the functions of hasp lock?

In today’s life, the use of lockers has become commonplace. The powerful storage function of the locker protects the safety of our belongings, but also makes the surrounding environment more tidy.

Locker lock is an important role in protecting the safety of our property.


Hasp lock for lockers generally refer to fasteners that are installed on the doors of the lockers to lock the doors. They are composed of a movable part and a fixed part. 


As we all know, the security of a locker has a lot to do with the locks you use. So, what are the functions of hasp lock? What should be paid attention to when choosing the hasp lock?

 What are the functions of hasp lock? - Trade News - 1

There are three main functions of the locker lock: one is to protect the safety of the locker together with the padlock; secondly, in the use scenes of some lockers that do not need to be locked, when the locker is used up, it can be locked to prevent the user from being bumped due to the opening of the cabinet door; the third is that the hasp lock provides convenience for the use of the locker. When the user opens the cabinet door, the lock can be used as a handle to facilitate the opening of the cabinet door.


When choosing the locker lock, the following points should be paid attention to:


1. See the surface treatment of the lock

The quality of surface treatment is related to the ability of waterproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant products.


2. Look at the material and thickness of the lock

The thicker the material used for the lock, the stronger the force, the greater the number of uses, and the longer the service life. Otherwise, it will be easily deformed and damaged, affecting normal use.


3. Pay attention to whether the lock can be fastened

A high-quality hasp lock should be used flexibly. Too tight the lock will affect the opening of the cabinet door, and if it is too loose, there will be safety hazards.


MAKE hasp lock MK402-1 is made of high quality zinc alloy material, finished by bright chromium, with smooth surface. MK402-1 is specially designed for 25mm cabinet door, not easy to deform and damage, and has long service life. MK402-1 needs to be used with padlocks, suitable for padlocks up to 8mm in diameter; With standard mounting hole design, easy to install or replace.


In addition to lockers, Make locker lock can also be used for gym/natatorium lockers, office filing cabinets, warehouses, etc., to escort the safety of your items!



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