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MAKE Iron Cabinet Locks for High Security Office Environment

Office file cabinets play an important role in our daily life. Whether in government agencies, schools, hospitals, large companies, or small businesses, office file cabinets can be found everywhere. Iron file cabinets are one of them. Iron file cabinets are one of our most commonly used office furniture because of its lighter weight than wooden cabinets, ease of movement, and fire, moisture, insect, and corrosion resistance.

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Depending on the purpose of the iron file cabinets, the cabinet locks used are also different. Common iron cabinet lock styles are mainly disc tumbler locks, mechanical password locks and electronic password locks.


1. Tumbler lock

The disc tumbler lock is one of the commonly used locks for metal filing cabinets. The disc tumbler lock belongs to the traditional mechanical lock. The principle is to use different tooth widths on the key to hold the disc with different positions in the alignment lock core, so as to realize the rotation of the lock core. The disc tumbler lock is generally simple in structure and does not have a strong anti-theft performance. After years of research and development and production, MAKE has developed a new type of disc lock with a high level of security, which can effectively prevent technical opening.

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2.Mechanical combination lock

A mechanical combination lock is a kind of all-mechanical combination lock which has no electronic device, high key combination and is safe and reliable. Because power is not required, mechanical code locks are generally stable and durable. 


3. Electronic combination lock

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Electronic combination lock is also a kind of lock commonly used in metal filing cabinets. Electronic combination locks are widely used because they are easy to operate and can change passwords at will. Electronic combination lock is mainly used in some high-end iron file cabinets, which has a strong anti-theft function. It can arbitrarily change the password for multiple people to use at the same time.

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4Intelligent lock

Compared with traditional locks, intelligent locks use more advanced technology, have higher security and convenience, and are more intelligent in terms of user identification, security, and management. Intelligent locks generally use non-mechanical keys as mature technologies for user identification IDs, such as fingerprints, magnetic cards, radio frequency cards, TM cards, and so on. In addition to fingerprint locks, other credit card locks are convenient to carry, high security, and are suitable for iron file cabinets with high requirements for confidentiality.


In a word, the iron file cabinet as one of our daily use of office furniture, due to the use of different, the corresponding use of the lock is also different. But no matter what type of lock is used, its safety will be our primary consideration. If you want more information about locks, please contact us!



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