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Make office furniture locks, creating a better office life

In modern society, the importance of office furniture is extraordinary. In order to let employees have a sense of belonging and shape a good corporate image, Many enterprises have put a lot of effort on office furniture.


Of course, it’s not enough to work on office furniture alone. Office security is also essential. So, come and see how Make solves the security needs for office workers.


Office drawer lock

Office drawer is one of the furniture frequently used in daily office. It not only holds important documents and secrets, but also keeps the office space organized. When you need to take out important documents from the locked drawer, you often need to spend some time to unlock the lock, that affect the work efficiency.


The drawer lock created by Make for office places makes the drawer very safe and reliable.

Equipped with high security dimple key system, tubular key system, make the lock opening more smooth, quickly take out items from the drawer, save the lock opening time, and improve work efficiency.


File cabinet lock

Currently, many companies cannot do without the use of file cabinets. A “high-value” file cabinet forms a comfortable office style, which can bring office fun to employees and improve work efficiency.


Make’s 4 digit code lock has a clean and elegant appearance, which can make file cabinets instantly upscale. The 4 digit code lock is simple to set and easy to unlock. 


Make office furniture locks create a beautiful office life for you, and silently guard your privacy and office security!



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