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See how Make’s 4 digit code lock creates a safe storage space!

    In modern urban life, public places such as bathing centers, gyms, and swimming pools are everywhere, and in these places, lockers are indispensable. As a commonly used lock for lockers, 4 digit code locks are often used on lockers to protect the security of the lockers.

    See how Make's 4 digit code lock creates a safe storage space! - Trade News - 1

    With the improvement of public safety awareness, users have put forward higher demands for the safety and experience of the locker. The first is the low security level of the previous 4 digit code locks, and the codes are easy to leak, which brings security problems; the second is that most 4 digit code locks don’t have beautiful appearance and cannot improve the grade of the locker; the third is that the dials of the 4 digit code locks are not smooth, and the unlocking experience is not good.


    Make’s 4 digit combination lock MK716 can be described as the breaker of the above troubles. The first is the security upgrade. In addition to having a huge amount of password combinations, MK716 has a resettable function. When opening the cabinet door, the dials will all be reset to zero automatically. There is no need for the user to disturb the password, which will not cause the leakage of the password, and fully protect the user’s privacy and property safety.

     See how Make's 4 digit code lock creates a safe storage space! - Trade News - 2

    In terms of appearance, MK716 also performed well. Refined by high-quality zinc alloy and ABS, satin chrome plated. The appearance is stylish. It can be matched with various lockers to improve the appearance and grade of the cabinet; at the same time, the material is not easy to wear , It can prevent moisture, corrosion, and has a long service life. 


    MK716 deeply combines product development and use scenarios from the perspective of users.

    In addition, MK716 is equipped with master key, when the user forgets the password, the master key can be used to unlock for emergency, but also retrieval the combination quickly, greatly improving the management efficiency and user experience.


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