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MAKE Smart Cabinet Lock ————Indispensable Security Facilities of Water Park

In hot summer, the heat is hard to stop, outdoor water activities are more and more popular. Since it is inconvenient for tourists to carry their belongings when playing in the water park, a large number of lockers will be equipped in the water park to meet the needs of tourists to keep their personal belongings. With the increasingly fierce competition of water park, in order to make their water park stand out and attract more consumers, many managers constantly upgrade and update the water park equipment and safety supporting facilities. Intelligent cabinet lock is an indispensable safety facility for water park.

   MAKE Smart Cabinet Lock ————Indispensable Security Facilities of Water Park - Trade News - 1

For the water park, the addition of lockers can effectively adjust many problems. It can not only reduce the operating costs, but also increase the income of the park’s locker operators. It also facilitates the management of tourists’ goods and avoids some contradictions. At present, many lockers use traditional mechanical locks, which need to rely on the key, which is likely to be lost when playing, bringing inconvenience to tourists; in addition, the safety performance of mechanical locks is general, which is easy to cause loss of items in lockers, causing property losses to tourists, and then investigating the responsibility of park managers. Therefore, it is imperative to equip lockers with intelligent cabinet locks.


Make Smart Cabinet Lock MK731 is a high-quality all-metal combination lock. This combination lock uses an all-metal lock body, so the lock body is sturdy and not easy to be damaged. The password is set and changed by the tourists themselves, and the keyless use is more convenient. When tourists need to unlock, they just enter the password to unlock, so it is very convenient to use.


The biggest feature of MK731 is that there is a striking emergency lock cylinder. The lock cylinder is matched with a laser key. Its purpose is to provide the user with an emergency unlocking function when the electronic lock cannot be opened normally, so that the user does not need to Destroy the lock or cabinet. In addition, MK731 also has a unique function of free conversion between public mode and private mode. When in public mode, visitors can set their own passwords and deposit items. The passwords will be automatically cleared after the items are removed until the next visitor is reset. The function is practical and the settings are simple. 

 MAKE Smart Cabinet Lock ————Indispensable Security Facilities of Water Park - Trade News - 2

In terms of installation method, MK731 uses standardized mounting holes, only one standard lock hole of 16*19 and one M4 screw are needed to complete the installation. The standardized mounting holes make it easy to replace the original mechanical lock. For operators who want to upgrade the park lockers safely, it saves time and labor costs, and it is very simple!


In addition to safety, for the water park, which is humid and easy to touch water, waterproof and moisture-proof is the basic function of locker lock. The waterproof and dustproof grade of intelligent cabinet lock mk731 is IP54, which can effectively play the role of waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof, and has a long service life. It is the best choice for you to improve the competitiveness of water park! Want to know more about smart locker locks? Then contact us as soon as possible!



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