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Don’t focus only on materials and design for plastic cabinet

In recent years, in response to the slogan of reducing the burden on students, more and more schools have begun to configure plastic schoolbag cabinets for students. However, in reality, we find that many schools often only focus on the design of the cabinet when purchasing a plastic schoolbag cabinet, such as materials, appearance, cabinet corner design, etc., and it is easy to overlook the choice of a safe and reliable lock for the plastic schoolbag cabinet.Today, MAKE will tell you how to choose a plastic schoolbag lock.




    Common plastic schoolbag locks include key locks, combination locks, and electronic locks. How to choose the one with higher cost performence among many products requires our careful comparison and purchase.


    1. Key lock

    Among the locks used in plastic schoolbag cabinets, key locks occupy a place. The key lock is inexpensive, easy to operate, stable in performance and long in service life. With the improvement of students’ safety requirements, the security of key locks has also been greatly improved. The mutual opening rate of some key locks (such as MK110-7J) can reach one ten thousandth, which fully meets the needs of schools and students.



    At the same time, the key lock can also be configured with an removable core key. When the key is lost, the lock core can be replaced without damaging the cabinet, and the maintenance cost is low. In terms of range of use, the key lock is more suitable for the use of senior students.


    2. Combination lock

    The combination lock is also one of the commonly used locks for plastic schoolbag cabinets, covering mechanical combination locks and electronic combination locks. The advantage of the combination lock is that it allows students to open the plastic cabinet just by remembering their own password. The MAKE’s 4 digit combination lock is very convenient to install. Even if you forget the password, you can use the master key to unlock for emergency, or use the search tool to retrieve the password, which is convenient and reliable.


    3. Electronic lock

    Electronic locks are popular with students due to their simple and convenient unlocking methods and higher levels of security. At present, the application of electronic lock is becoming more and more common. RFID locks (such as MK720) are one of them. Because children are prone to lose keys and forget passwords, many schools prefer to choose inductive locks with key bracelets. This kind of key reduces the probability of students losing keys to a certain extent, and can even “use one card for multiple purposes”. The range of application of electronic induction lock is wider, especially for younger students who lack safety awareness.


    With the progress of society, more and more plastic school bag cabinets have entered the classroom life of the majority of students, providing children with a more relaxed and pleasant learning environment. MAKE plastic schoolbag cabinet locks cover various types of key locks, combination locks and electronic locks. They have various styles, high security and guaranteed quality. It is a good choice when you buy plastic schoolbag lockers!



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