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This is what a gym locker lock should have!

Lockers are one of the necessary infrastructures in every gym, mainly for users to store personal belongings. Lockers not only affect the user’s consumption experience, but also are related to the creation of the gym’s brand image. The locker lock is also one of the key items for the gym.

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How to build a gym locker lock? Lock manufacturer MAKE provides smart gym locker lock solutions that can greatly improve gym members’ dressing and storage experience.

As gyms continue to grow in size, the number of lockers to manage increases. How to manage a large number of lockers efficiently and conveniently has become an issue worth paying attention to in gyms. MAKE smart locker locks are equipped with a three-level management system that can be authorized and used for different levels of users. It is very suitable for use in gym locker facilities to improve management efficiency and level.

Today, as gyms become more and more sophisticated in their operations, the demand for lockers has become more diversified, such as public lockers and VIP lockers, and the functional requirements for locker locks are also getting higher and higher.

MAKE smart locker lock has the function of free switching between public and private modes. Public mode is suitable for public lockers, and the lockers are always open. Users need to set their own passwords when using it. After use, the password will be automatically cleared until the next user resets the password. Private mode can be used for VIP or premium members’ lockers for dedicated use to protect the user’s privacy.

Today, when smart locker locks are popular, emergency lock cylinders are also essential! The emergency lock cylinder can ensure that the smart locker lock can successfully open the locker when there is no power or malfunction, reducing damage to the locker and reducing losses in the gym. MAKE smart locker locks are equipped with emergency lock cylinders and emergency unlocking keys, which provide convenience for the use of gym lockers.

MAKE smart locker lock integrates security, management and emergency unlocking functions to improve the experience of using gym lockers. The exquisite appearance and perfectly fitting panels highlight the high-end quality of the gym and bring a lot of perceived value to gym consumers.



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