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What are the advantages of MAKE mechanical combination locks?

Combination lock is a common lock, which provides security for our daily life. Combination locks are mainly divided into mechanical combination locks and electronic combination locks. The two kinds of combination locks have different functions and advantages. Today we will introduce the advantages of MAKE mechanical combination locks.


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With the development of the industry, in order to improve the security of the combination lock, many lock providers are constantly increasing the complexity of the combination. For example, the virtual password function of the electronic combination lock has improved the security, but it also brings inconvenience to the user.

The password of the MAKE mechanical combination lock is composed of four digits, which is simple and easy to remember.


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In daily use, password leakage is a major problem for mechanical combination locks. The mechanical combination lock of MAKE has the function of returning to “0” automatically. At the moment after the lock is unlocked or closed, all the numbers will stay at the “0” position, so there is no need to deliberately disrupt the password wheel again and again, which prevents the leakage of the user password .

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The lock is equipped with an emergency management key. When the user forgets the password, the management key can be used to unlock the lock urgently, and the password can also be retrieved quickly through the “Key to Find Password” function, which is not only convenient for daily management, but also allows users to use no worries!

In addition, MAKE mechanical combination locks also have public and private modes. Users can freely choose the desired mode according to their own needs. The public mode is generally used for lockers and storage cabinets in public places, while the private mode is used for filing cabinets and lockers dedicated to individuals.

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MAKE mechanical combination lock, the surface of the lock body is treated by special processes such as powder spraying and painting, and the appearance is fashionable, simple and elegant, and has a high degree of adaptability. No matter what material the cabinet is made of, it can be perfectly adapted to it, highlighting the high-end and grade of the cabinet. For more information, please contact us~



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