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What locks are available for filing cabinets?

File cabinets are cabinets mainly used to store important documents and items. In almost all units, filing cabinets are used, and their importance is self-evident. Because information such as documents and materials is very important to the company, most filing cabinets will be equipped with locks to better protect the safety of documents and materials.

So, do you know which locks are used in filing cabinets? As a professional lock supplier, MAKE will take you to know the commonly used file cabinet locks.

1. Cam lock:

file cabinet locks. 

Cam lock is a kind of lock commonly used in filing cabinets. According to different structures, cam locks can be divided into blade cam locks, tubular cam locks, and Ambile cam locks, etc., with various types, simple and quick operation, and low cost. But the disadvantage is that the anti-theft and tamper-proof performance is generally poor, and it is easy to be opened.

file cabinet locks.

2. Mechanical combination lock

Mechanical combination locks are also commonly used locks for filing cabinets. The principle is to unlock by turning the numbers on the roulette, and the password is generally three to four digits. The advantage of the mechanical combination lock is that the password is simple and easy to remember, no key is required, and password unlocking is convenient and fast. The disadvantage is that you need to deliberately scramble the password after use, otherwise it is easy to cause the password to be leaked and bring inconvenience to daily use.

file cabinet locks.

3. Smart electronic lock

Smart electronic locks are divided into digital combination locks and fingerprint locks, which are widely used. It is mainly used in some high-end filing cabinets such as safes and financial security cabinets, with strong anti-theft function. The advantage of the smart electronic lock is that the password can be changed arbitrarily for multiple people to use at the same time.

With the development of technology, locks using technologies such as scanning code recognition and face recognition are gradually applied to file cabinets, and there will be more and more locks for file cabinets to choose from. MAKE Security Technology will base itself on the market, concentrate on technology research and development, and provide more safe, convenient and secure file cabinet locks!



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