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MAKE intelligent filing cabinet lock helps realize intelligent management

With the development of enterprises and institutions, the number of various information archives is increasing, the types of archives are increasingly diversified, and the storage of paper information is rapidly expanding. The problems caused by the traditional archives management methods and technical means are increasingly obvious, resulting in that the information management of the archives industry can no longer meet the actual needs.

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In the process of realizing the informatization management of filing cabinets, the traditional filing cabinet lock has low security and inconvenient management, which has brought many problems to the management of filing cabinets. The inductive electronic lock provided by MAKE can help the archive cabinet realize intelligent management from multiple perspectives.

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RFID electronic lock is an intelligent electronic lock. Users can unlock the lock through inductive identification and cannot open the filing cabinet without authorization. Compared with the key lock, the RFID electronic lock has higher security, is more intelligent and convenient in use, and can realize the easy and efficient management of the filing cabinet.

Traditional filing cabinets use key locks. When files need to be registered, stored, lent and returned, the process is very cumbersome and reduce the work efficiency. The RFID lock has three levels of user management system: universal level, manager level and user level. Different levels correspond to their own management authority, which not only ensures safety, but also improves efficiency and saves a lot of manpower when managing files.

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In addition, RFID electronic lock can also improve the traditional file management mode. By using RFID technology and intelligent identification technology, real-time monitoring and management of documents and archives can be realized, and the accuracy and efficiency of archives management can be greatly improved.

For example, by combining with the management platform, it can automatically record the switch lock information, user name and use time, facilitate the query and tracking of the use of the filing cabinet, and realize the real-time monitoring and management of archives, which is of great significance to the management of important archives.

With the development of society, our demand for file security will be higher and higher. MAKE intelligent file cabinet lock will try to play a good role as the guardian of the archive cabinet and help the archive cabinet realize intelligent management!



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