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How does the MAKE RFID lock break through the traditional storage?

Induction electronic lock, also known as RFID electronic lock, is a commonly used type of lock for lockers. With the development of intelligent electronic locks, RFID locks have been optimized to varying degrees in terms of structure, safety, and functions, making it more in line with the needs of the times.

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MK729 is a product that breaks through the traditional storage and brings innovation and highlights to the lockers. So how does it do it? Let’s take a look!


Most of the RFID electronic locks use cards or wristbands as unlocking keys, which are often forgotten or lost, causing unnecessary trouble.

MK729 is compatible with the NFC function of the mobile phone, and can replace the card or wristband through NFC when unlocking, eliminating the trouble of using it. When in fixed mode, the phone can be unlocked directly as a user card; in temporary mode, it can be unlocked without administrator authorization.

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In order to facilitate the daily use and management of the locker, MK729 has functions such as master key emergency unlocking and a three-level management system.

When encountering emergency situations such as no electricity or circuit failure, the master key can be used for emergency unlocking; the three-level management system includes user level, management level and manager level, corresponding to different use and management permissions, very suitable for gyms, swimming pools, etc. lockers in public places.

Another highlight of MK729 is the function of free switching between public and private modes, which can better adapt to the characteristics of private and public places. The private mode is suitable for fixed lockers/office furniture managed by a special person; the public mode is suitable for public lockers. After the user takes away the items, the password is automatically cleared until the next user resets, which is very convenient.

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The surface of MK729 has been strictly treated, and the protection level is IP65, so it can be waterproof and moisture-proof in use. At the same time, MK729 has added antibacterial function, which can resist Escherichia coli/Staphylococcus aureus, and the antibacterial ability is over 97%.

In general, MK729 has multiple security designs and diversified functions, which have brought new breakthroughs to traditional storage, making daily storage more intelligent and convenient!



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