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How can four-digit mechanical combination locks improve the user experience in all aspects?

With the rapid development of smart electronic locks, the mechanical combination lock market is gradually being eroded. In order to stand out in the fierce market competition, lock supplier MAKE continue to optimize the performance of mechanical combination locks and strive to bring a different user experience to users.

Let’s take a look at how MAKE four-digit mechanical combination lock improves the user experience in all aspects~

MAKE mechanical wheel combination lock products are made of zinc alloy and undergo high-quality surface treatment. They have a simple and elegant appearance without losing a sense of calmness and weight. Among them, MK718 has unique“diamond cutting” not only brings visual beauty to users, but also brings smooth touch.

The touch feeling can bring users a different experience. MK718 adopts an all-metal lock body, which is round and curved and feels comfortable when grasped. At the same time, the password wheel is protruding, sliding smoothly, and the spacing between the wheels is large, making it difficult to dial the wrong password and providing users with a good experience.

Security is a major test for mechanical combination locks. MAKE four-digit mechanical combination lock adds functions such as automatically returning to “0”, quickly finding and changing passwords.

The “auto-zero” function can prevent the user’s password from being leaked; when the password is forgotten, the management key can be used to emergency unlock the lock, or the password can be quickly retrieved through the master key search combination.

With the increase in application scenarios, the scope of use of mechanical combination locks continues to expand. MAKE four digit mechanical combination lock can be equipped with public mode and private mode, which can meet the various needs of public and private use. Based on user needs, it can comprehensively improve the use experience.

In short, whether it is performance or feel, MAKE four-digit mechanical combination lock strives to bring a different experience to users.



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