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What tests should be done before the password cam lock is delivered to the customer?

How did a safe, reliable and durable password cam lock come into being? What quality and performance tests should the password cam lock undergo before it is delivered to the customer?

password cam lock

The password cam lock mk718 with diamond cutting edge, which is meticulously polished and designed by Make, not only has the high security performance of one key reset, but also can realize the outdoor waterproof and anti-corrosion function. The more excellent a product is, the more it has to undergo multiple tests before delivering to the customer.


Salt Spray Test

Salt spray test is an environmental test that uses salt spray test equipment to artificially simulate salt spray environmental conditions to assess the corrosion resistance of products. For mk718, the salt spray test was carried out before leaving the factory. The standard requires that the salt spray test be conducted for 48h. The measured surface is free of defects after 48 hours, and the switch lock function is still in normal use.


Baige Test

The Baige test is mainly used to determine the adhesion of organic coatings on the product surface.After the production of the product,there is no peeling on the surface of the MK718 after 100 grids are cut with a professional cutter, which meets the requirements of 4B (1mm spacing, at least 97% adhesion) in international ASTM d3359.



Inverse Solution Test

The reverse solution test is to wipe the surface of the password cam lock knob with 1kg force and alcohol for 50 times. If the knob has no obvious change, it is qualified. The test method adopted by mk718 is to wipe the surface of the knob with 1kg weight on a cotton stained with alcohol for 50 times, and the knob is qualified if there is no discoloration or falling off on the surface.

password cam lock

Only the passwpord cam lock which are qualified in each test can successfully be delivered to the customers. Make try our best to ensure that every product delivered from the factory is the best product.



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