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The Adaptability of MK735 electronic locker lock

With the widespread use of public storage cabinets, intelligent electronic locks for storage cabinets have become the preferred solution for upgrading public storage spaces. Of course, the specific choice of electronic locker locks should be made based on the specific usage scenario. This article recommends MK735 from MAKE manufacturer, which stands out among electronic locker locks due to its wide range of applicability.

In swimming pool or bathroom and other humid environment, we should choose a good waterproof lock.MK735 has IP65, which can prevent the intrusion of sprayed water. With an antibacterial function and antibacterial rate of over 97%, it effectively inhibits the growth of common bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. The lock is made of zinc alloy material and coated with powder on the surface to make it have good anti-corrosion performance.

For public occasions such as gyms or schools, we need to choose locks that are durable and easy to understand and operate.MK735 has a touchscreen password system, allowing users to unlock the lock by entering the password on the operation interface, which is more convenient than using a rotating key. With 7mm ultra-wide digital spacing, the probability of users pressing the wrong numbers is reduced. Additionally, the rapid digital response ensures that users can unlock the lock with just a touch of their fingertips.

In scenarios that combine both public and private use, such as offices or government facilities, locks that offer both public and private modes are ideal. MK735 allows for freely switching between public and private modes, making it suitable for both shared use by multiple individuals and exclusive use by a single person. Additionally, considering that users may easily forget or misremember passwords, MK735 is equipped with three-level management system and a master key for emergency unlocking, which can solve the problem in all aspects.

Regardless of the scenario, the security of the lock is crucial.MK735 has a sturdy metal lock body that ensures durability, and its with isolated design of the inner unlocking execution structure, rendering any attempts at picking the lock futile. This robust design effectively safeguards your belongings and ensures their safety.

In summary,MK735 touch screen electronic lock is suitable for storage cabinets in various scenarios. For more styles of electronic locker locks, please contact us.



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