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How we meet the needs of flexible use of office lockers?

Office locker is a kind of equipment that provides convenient storage for office workers and enterprises in daily work. In today’s corporate office environment, office lockers are playing an increasingly important role.

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Due to the variety of office locker and changing application scenarios, office locker locks need to help office locker become more flexible and better adapt to the diverse scene requirements.

As an office locker lock solution provider, China manufacturer MAKE is committed to exploring intelligent solutions for enterprise office lockers based on demand, so as to solve the pain points of storage needs such as temporary storage, public storage, and short-term storage faced during the use.


MAKE smart office locker lock has two modes: public and private mode. The private mode is generally suitable for office storage cabinets (for example: filing cabinets) that are suitable for special management, with high security, safety and reliability.

The public mode is suitable for public office locker. Users can be authorized according to their needs. Users can set their own passwords and deposit items. After use, the password will be automatically cleared until the next user resets the password. The function is practical and can be meet the needs of temporary storage and short-term storage during the use of office locker.

Safety is the basic requirement of office lockers. MAKE smart office locker lock has password identification, RFID and Bluetooth technology, which has a high safety factor and is not easy to be cracked. It not only meets the needs of intelligent office storage, but also brings a high sense of security to users.

The smart office locker lock also has multi-level management levels: management level, user level, and manager level. Users of different levels can be assigned different access rights. It is very suitable for office storage equipment that needs to be managed to improve management efficiency and level.

The advent of the intelligent era is accelerating the transformation of the office locker industry. As a provider of smart office locker lock solutions, MAKE will focus on the independent research and development of office locker locks, integrate technology and innovation, and provide customers with smart, safe and convenient solutions.



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