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What should a safe and high-end locker lock look like?

Lockers are an important tool in our daily life. With the development of the times, high-end locker locks have gradually occupied the locker lock market, bringing you a different experience.

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What should a high-end locker lock look like? In my opinion, high-end locker locks should not only be “safe” and be able to meet the basic security needs, but also should have their own unique style and recognition, and should have a variety of functions to bring users convenient .

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MAKE smart electronic lock series products are classics of high-end locker locks. The electronic lock series products have the characteristics of safety, reliability, intelligence and elegance, and meet the needs of today’s high-end cabinet lock market from multiple dimensions.

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In terms of appearance, the simple and stylish design of the MAKE smart electronic lock, the combination of black, white and gray not only conforms to the current trend, but also highlights the aesthetic taste. Exquisite craftsmanship and smooth lines reveal full quality and high-level sense, bringing people extraordinary visual enjoyment.

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In terms of performance, MAKE smart electronic lock series is very stable; the unlocking methods include RFID induction, touch screen identification and key password, RFID responds sensitively, and unlocks quickly; the keypad lock adopts a 10-digit password combination, which is not easy to crack and is more secure.

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The smart electronic lock series also has a three-level management system and two switching modes. The management system can be authorized among different users to ensure safe use and convenient management; the fixed mode is suitable for fixed lockers/office furniture managed by special personnel; the temporary mode is suitable for public lockers. You can switch between modes freely.

Safety and reliability, stable performance, simplicity and fashion are the new idea given by MAKE to smart electronic locks. We will, as always, devote ourselves to research and development, and continue to create more high-end locker lock products.



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