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The types of schoolbag locker locks

In order to help students reduce their study burden, schoolbag lockers have become a must-have item in schools. With the schoolbag locker, the supplies that students use and carry with them can be stored in the classroom, saying goodbye to the era of mountains of books on the desk.

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Since the schoolbag locker is used to store students’ personal belongings, there are must have safety requirements, and the schoolbag locker lock is an important accessory that provides security. What are the common types of schoolbag locker locks?


Cam lock is a kind of lock commonly used in daily life. It is simple and convenient to operate and has high cost performance. It can be equipped with a master key to prevent students from losing their books without damaging the schoolbag locker and the lock body.

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The advantage of the four-digit combination lock is that students can get rid of the trouble of the key, and only need to remember their own password to open the door. Even if you forget the password, you can use the emergency key to unlock it urgently, which is convenient and reliable.

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Smart electronic lock includies RFID lock and keypad electronic lock. The smart electronic lock has high security and is convenient and quick to use. MAKE smart electronic lock has the function of free switching between fixed mode and temporary mode, which can meet the various needs of schoolbag lockers in public places and personal schoolbag lockers.


Smart schoolbag locker locks, generally using fingerprint recognition and face recognition technology, unlocking is relatively simple and convenient, and it is guaranteed in terms of security. It is more popular among trendy college students.

In campus life, schoolbag locker locks play a vital role in the safety of property. Choosing the right schoolbag locker lock can enhance the safety of campus life, allowing students to focus more on their studies without worrying about the safety of their personal belongings.



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