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Will the password be leaked if the locker uses a four-digit combination lock?

The four-digit combination lock is a common locker lock. It is mainly used for lockers in schools, hospitals, factories, offices, airports, train stations, swimming pools, bathing beaches, clubs and other places. It is composed of a four-digit combination. When in use, unlock the lock by turning the password wheel.

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However, since the four-digit combination lock is a mechanical lock, many users will inevitably have questions such as “Will the password be leaked?” and “Do I need to scramble the password wheel after use?” when using it.

So, if the locker uses a four-digit combination lock, will the password be leaked? Lock  manufacturer  MAKE will tell you the answer!

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Generally speaking, after using an ordinary four-digit combination lock, the dials still displays the users’ password, which can easily cause the password to be leaked. If you want to prevent leakage, you need to deliberately mess up the dials, which brings poor use experience.

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In response to this pain point in use, MAKE’s four-digit combination lock has added a ” scramble dial function”. After close the lock, the dials auto scramble to “0-0-0-0” position, eliminating the need for users to deliberately disrupt the dials, preventing the leakage of passwords and makes the use of lockers safer and more secure!

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In addition to the one-button reset function, the four-digit combination lock also has an emergency lock hole and is equipped with an emergency key. When the user forgets the password, the administrator can use the management key to emergency unlock and retrieve the password. Small details but reduce a lot of troubles and enhance the user experience.

With these two unique functions, the four-digit combination lock no longer has to worry about password leaks or forgotten passwords, making it easier and safer to use! After know about the MAKE four-digit combination locker lock, will you still worry about the password being leaked?



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