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Want to make the safe a loyal butler? Learn about the 4 digit all metal combination lock!

With the improvement of people’s living standards and safety awareness, safes have gradually entered the homes of ordinary people. Whether it is important documents, financial products, or the custody of valuables, safes play a decisive role in our lives.

Want to make the safe a loyal butler? Learn about the 4 digit all metal combination lock!(图1)

MAKE’s 4 digit all metal combination locks will tailor a “loyal and reliable” butler for you.


Due to its special function, safes require higher security. Therefore, in addition to paying special attention to the quality of the safe when buying a safe, the choice of safe lock is also very important.


We have developed a new 4 digit mechanical code lock MK708 for the safe, so that the safe can become your “loyal butler” and take good care of your family property.


The lock is made of zinc alloy all metal, which is very durable and not easy to damage. The appearance is simple and elegant, concise, beautiful and magnificent, which can make your safe appearance instantly improve to a higher level.It can be opened left and right, with high adaptability.


In addition, it also has a master key system. The master key system not only facilitates the management of family safes, but also provides convenience for safes in public places such as hotels, gyms, clubs, etc.



This safe lock is easy to install, and the dials feels smoothly. It is a good choice to make your safe a “loyal butler”!


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