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A good bodyguard of files-MAKE rfid filing cabinet lock

Archives are the faithful recorders of the development of an enterprise or unit. They not only witnessed the ups and downs of enterprises or units, but also made people intuitively feel the clarity of the company’s development and the heavy sense of historical accumulation. How to store files and other paper documents safely and conveniently has become the focus of enterprises or units.


Traditional filing cabinets mostly use key locks for management and protection. Nowadays, with the development of smart technology, the locks used in filing cabinets are no longer limited to key locks. Intelligent, safe and convenient smart electronic locks are widely used in filing cabinets. RFID lock is one of them.


RFID electronic lock is a kind of smart electronic lock based on RFID technology. The user unlocks the lock through induction recognition and cannot open the filing cabinet without authorization. Compared with key locks, RFID locks are safer, more intelligent and convenient, and easier and more efficient in the management and maintenance of filing cabinets.


The registration, storage, lending, return, maintenance, and scrapping of archives all require manual participation. The key lock is not only cumbersome, but also reduces work efficiency. The RFID lock has a three-level management system: main-admin, admin and user card. Different levels correspond to their respective management permissions. When managing files, it not only ensures safety, but also improves efficiency and saves a lot of manpower.

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In addition to safety and convenience, RFID locks also improve the file management mode of traditional key locks. By using RFID technology, combined with intelligent identification technology, real-time monitoring and management of files can be realized, and the accuracy and efficiency of file management can be greatly improved. RFID smart electronic locks can automatically record the lock information, user name and use time, which is convenient for querying and tracking the use of the file cabinet, realizing real-time monitoring and management of files, and having important significance for the management of important files.


Currently, archive information still plays an important role in our lives, and the public’s demand for the security of archive information is increasing day by day. Correspondingly, filing cabinet locks should gradually move from traditional to intelligent and convenient, and act as a good “bodyguard” for filing cabinets to better meet everyone’s needs.



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