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In the smart era, what changes have RFID electronic locks brought to lockers?

In today’s life, intelligent electronic lock can be said to be everywhere. Intelligent electronic lock not only brings us a fashionable and novel way to unlock, but also provides us with sufficient security.

RFID electronic lock, as one of the intelligent electronic lock, has been widely used in lockers in the gym, hot spring center and swimming pool and other places. With the advent of the intelligent era, what changes has RFID electronic lock brought to the locker?


The RFID electronic lock, as its name implies, is a kind of smart electronic lock that uses RFID technology for inductive unlocking. RFID chips can be integrated in wristbands, passes and plastic cards. In my opinion, RFID electronic locks mainly have the following advantages:


High security

From the birth of the lock to the present, it has a history of thousands of years. From the beginning of its birth, providing people with security is a basic function that locks must have, and the same is true for smart electronic locks. While improving the core application technology of RFID electronic locks, it also makes key cards more difficult to copy than traditional keys. Therefore, RFID electronic locks are safer and more reliable than mechanical locks.


Save time

The use and storage of mechanical lock keys often make people very headache. The key of RFID electronic lock is usually a bracelet or a card. It is not easy to lose. If you accidentally lose the key, it doesn’t matter. RFID electronic lock has three levels of management, and users can open the cabinet through the other two levels of bracelet keys, which is very convenient.

In the smart era, what changes have RFID electronic locks brought to lockers? - Trade News - 2

Convenient management

With the changes in security requirements, RFID electronic lock has been adjusted according to the needs of users, adding data recording and authority management. For example, when someone uses an RFID electronic lock, the system records the date and time that person used it. If a locker is out of use, the card can be deactivated or reprogrammed. For the staff of storage locker management, it is very convenient.


The appearance of intelligent electronic lock brings us convenient and safe life experience.

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