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What advantage does the sauna lock need have?

Sauna lock is a kind of lock used on the lockers of sauna room, most of which are rfid locks. Sauna lock is mainly opened by rfid card, which is convenient and fast to use and has a high degree of security. It is an important tool for sauna room to protect the safety of customers’ property.


As a kind of lock used in the locker of sauna room, the position of sauna lock is very important. As we all know, the environment of the sauna room is for a long time in high temperature and humidity. Therefore, the locks used in the sauna room must not only have the advantages of high security and strong privacy, but also be suitable for the special environment of the sauna room.


Make rfid electronic lock MK726 is an excellent sauna lock, let’s take a look at its advantages!


Make Smart Locker Lock MK726 is an RFID induction electronic lock, using RFID induction technology, with high security, users can simply swipe the card to unlock. MK726 is also could be equipped with a plastic bracelet key, which makes it more convenient for you to carry.

What advantage does the sauna lock need have? - Trade News - 2

MK726 sets three levels of management for induction unlocking, even when the user card is lost, it can be unlocked for emergency. At the same time, the use of MK726 is very straightforward, with dual-color LED reminders and low-voltage reminders, so that users can clearly know the status of the lock when in use; the system has both public and private modes, and users can switch by themselves.


MK726 waterproof grade IP54, applicable environment is -15~65℃, humidity 5%~95%, can easily cope with the high temperature and humid environment of sauna room, and enhance the user’s experience of storing personal belongings.


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