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Lock privacy, protect security – MAKE electronic RFID locker lock

In modern life, lockers are already the necessary for all kinds of amusement and fitness places. As an important part of keeping consumer goods, the use of locks in lockers is very important, not only determines the safety of the storage, but also affects the temperament of the lockers and the entire place.


With the advent of smart electronic locks, the locks used in lockers have changed.

Intelligent electronic lock relies on the advantage such as safety, convenient, intelligence, replaced traditional lock quickly, and become the “new favorite” of lockers, include RFID electronic lock.


MK732 is a smart RFID electronic lock of MAKE. Whether it’s hardware configuration, appearance, or user experience, MK732 is a good choice for lockers.


In terms of configuration, MAKE RFID electronic lock MK732 uses radio frequency identification technology (RFID). When the card or bracelet is close to the sensing area, the radio frequency line immediately senses and detects objects within 10cm, and the radio signal identifies specific targets and reads and writes. Once the data and program are started, the buzzer and LED indicator lights will operate, and a series of unlocking actions will be completed at one go. The sensor responds quickly and sensitively, and the recognition accuracy is high. There is no need to worry about the situation that cannot be recognized due to environmental influences.

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In order to improve the user experience, The MK732 sensor electronic lock is designed with a special handle on the outside of the lock according to the applied ergonomics, making it easier to open or close the locker. Even in the cold winter, it can be opened easily and quickly.


In addition, the working temperature of MAKE electronic induction lock is -15~65℃, which can withstand the hot summer and the biting winter. The working humidity is 5%~95%, and the waterproof and dustproof grade is IP54. It is not afraid of humidity, so that users can use it with confidence no matter what environment it is used in.


Xiamen Make Security Technology Co., Ltd. has been based in the industry of industrial locks and commercial locks for more than ten years, and has always taken “customer satisfied” as our tenet, and strives to make customers feel comfortable in buying and using.



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