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What kind of file cabinet lock does the file cabinet use?

File cabinets are generally placed in offices, archives, reference rooms, storage rooms and other places. Most of the contents they keep are documents with strong confidentiality, so there are high requirements for the safety performance of the file cabinet lock. What are the characteristics of a high security file cabinet lock? What locks does Make have for file cabinets?


cam locks

Cam lock MK104-30

Most of the file cabinets are simple in style. Make cam lock mk104-30 adopts zinc alloy material and bright chrome surface treatment. The surface of the lock looks smooth and bright, and the overall style is more in line with the neat file cabinet. The lock has high safety. The key is designed to be pluggable on both sides, which is convenient and efficient to use. At the same time, the master key system can be selected according to customer needs.


Mechanical Combination Lock

Four digits mechanical password lock MK707

The file cabinet lock of keyless management system is the first to recommend the four digits mechanical password lock mk707. Four digit password management, say byebye with the key, say byebye with a long string of passwords, simply turn the four digit word wheel to unlock. In case of forgetting the password, you can use the probe to retrieve the password or use the master key to unlock. The color of the the lock can be selected and matched according to the customer’s cabinet style.


Make file cabinet lock makes your file cabinet management safer and easier!



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