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What are the ways to unlock the lock of the office deposit cabinet?

Is your office locker lock still a traditional mechanical lock management method? In the era of intelligence, the locker lock in the office scene has also been given more functions, which requires the lock itself to have higher quality, more convenient management, and bring users a better use experience. What are the most popular ways to unlock the lock of office deposit cabinet nowadays?


Silicone key unlocking

Silicone key unlocking

The mk730 smart electronic lock adopts the digital password unlocking method, and the 12 digit digital password is made of silica gel, which is soft and comfortable to touch. At the same time, combined with the background of the epidemic era, Make adds antibacterial ingredients to the silica gel keys, which can have a good inactivation and antibacterial effect on Staphylococcus aureus, enterobacter, and other common bacteria and viruses in life, and block the channel of bacterial infection from the source of use, Protect users’ health and safety.


Touch screen key unlock

Touch screen key unlock

Mk733, a password lock with touch-screen keys, has a mini small size design, which is easier to fit cabinets of various sizes. The touch-screen keys are more intelligent and high-end. The reasonable spacing between the 12 digit keys also greatly reduces the probability of accidental touch by users.



Mechanical code unlocking

Mk716 belongs to the traditional mechanical digital password unlocking type. Users can remember four digits to realize the management of switch lock. At the same time, mk716 itself is equipped with the function of one key reset. When the user enters the password to open the lock, the four digits are automatically reset to 0000. This function greatly improves the safety performance of the lock.

Even in the era of intelligence, conventional key management still has its own unique competitiveness because it uses keys to switch locks and has fewer restrictions on the use of locks themselves. There are a wide range of mechanical locks that can be used as office locker locks, such as mk114-30, mk104 series, mk110 series, etc.

Make office deposit cabinet lock is naturally the best choice to protect the safety requirements of the office environment.



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