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Different smart cabinet locks of Make

Most of the smart cabinet locks in the market have the title of “smart”, but there is no real intelligence. In addition to the inability of product functions to keep up with the needs of customers in the new era, many fancy “special functions” are added to the cabinet lock, which complicates the use of the product. Make smart cabinet lock is a product developed on the basis of following the changes of consumers’ use habits and taking improving the sense of use experience as the starting point. Compared with most smart cabinet locks on the market, what are the differences of Make smart cabinet locks?


IP55 waterproof and anti-corrosion

IP55 waterproof and anti-corrosion

IP grade refers to the protection grade of the electrical equipment shell against the invasion of foreign matters. The grade of IP55 indicates that the dust can be prevented from invading, and the amount of dust does not affect the normal operation, and it can prevent the invasion of big waves. Considering that the storage cabinet may be placed outdoors or in a slightly harsh environment, the mk730 smart cabinet lock can still maintain normal operation in harsh environments and protect the safety needs of users after strict surface treatment.

Anti bacteria surface treatment

Anti bacteria surface treatment

In the era of covid-19 epidemic, users are particularly concerned about the sanitation of public products in the public environment. In summer, in gymnasiums, natatoriums, bathing centers and other places with a large flow of people, users inevitably make cross contact with the locker, so it is particularly easy to cause the problem of bacteria remaining on the lock surface. Make intelligent cabinet lock mk730 adds antibacterial ingredients to the coating materials and silicone keys of the product, which can play a good inactivation and bacteriostatic effect on staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and other common bacteria and viruses in life (the antibacterial ability reaches more than 97%), so that there is no hidden danger of public use.

In the name of intelligence, we creates smart products. Make smart cabinet lock reflects the specialty and pattern of professional industrial lock / commercial lock manufacturers in detail.



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