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What types of high-end office furniture locks are there?

Office furniture is not living furniture, but it has a very important relationship with our daily work. Good office furniture can not only provide employees with a comfortable office environment, create a good working atmosphere, but also facilitate employees’ daily work.

office furniture

With the continuous development of digital technology, high-end and customization have become an important development trend of office furniture. High-end office furniture is naturally inseparable from the help of office furniture locks.

What are the types of high-end office furniture locks provided by MAKE, and what advantages do they have? Let’s find out together~

Four  digit  combination lock

The password of the four digit combination lock is mainly composed of four digits, which is easy to remember and does not require a key.

MAKE’s four-digit combination lock has two major advantages: Equipped with an emergency management key. when forgets the password, the user can use the management key to unlock the lock in emergency, and can quickly retrieve the password through the key.

Four  digit  combination lock

Another advantage of the four-digit combination lock is the scramble dial function. After the lock is closed, all the dials will scramble to “0” position, so there is no need to disturb dials again and again to prevent it  from leaking and make the use of office furniture safer.

Smart electronic lock

If you ask who can best highlight the high-end temperament of office furniture, there is no doubt about the smart electronic lock. The smart electronic lock provided by MAKE adopts a full-screen classic design and a all-metal lock body, exuding a strong high-end texture.

The RFID electronic lock is compatible with the NFC function of the mobile phone. When unlocking, the card or wristband can be replaced by NFC, which saves troubles in use.

The touch-keypad lock has a digital spacing of more than 7mm, no matter how big your fingers are, you can accurately input every password number. The digital response is sensitive, and it can truly respond at the moment.

Smart electronic lock

Scan code smart lock


In the era of intelligence, smart locks using Bluetooth and ZigBee technologies have gradually become the new favorite of high-end office furniture.

Scan code smart lock

MAKE smart lock adopts Bluetooth and ZigBee technology, users can quickly unlock it through the mobile phone APP, and can also realize remote unlocking.

At the same time, the management paltform can manage the lock’s use information and status , making the use of office furniture, especially filing cabinets, safer and more convenient.

Innovation leads the future. We will take safety, practicality, environmental protection and art as our mission, and committed to providing customers with high-quality office furniture locks and one-stop security solutions!



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