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Where can RFID locker lock be used?

The RFID locker lock applies RFID technology to realize contactless unlocking in the process of use. This unlocking method can reduce the loss of the lock and prolong the service life of the lock. What scenes in life can RFID locker lock be used?

RFID locker lock

Mk726-RFID cabinet cam lock, equipped with a three-level management system, can be equipped with RFID card or three-level Bracelet according to customer needs. The installation and disassembly steps are simple and convenient. The buzzer and red and green LED indicators are clear and easy to understand.MK726 is mostly matched to the storage cabinets in schools, hospitals, saunas and other places.


Mk732 is an RFID card swiping cabinet lock, with a zinc alloy metal shell, a side grab design and an emergency lock cylinder (with an emergency key). This product can be suitable for all kinds of cabinets made of metal, wood and plastic . It is often used in advanced gyms, swimming pools, offices and other scenes.


RFID locker lock

Many types of RFID locker locks of Make are favored by users and are widely used in lockers and locker management systems in various public places. Make has always focused on becoming an overall solution provider for precision metals.



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