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Smart locker password lock, not just security

In the era of intelligence, there are many “intelligent” elements in life, and many life tools and products are endowed with intelligent factors to provide users with a more convenient and comfortable experience. In addition to security, what other commendable elements are there in mk733, a smart locker password lock for the Make?



Light luxury and high-end style

Mk733 is made of zinc alloy, and the surface treatment of bright chromium and bright nickel makes the surface of the lock body look smooth and bright. The combination of silver and black colors makes the lock reveal a light luxury and high-end temperament, which is more in line with the cabinet needs of high-end public places. At the same time, a rounded curve is used to separate the key area, breaking through the rigid impression brought by the traditional key area, and creating a stronger sense of “light luxury” atmosphere.


Stable side grip

Mk733 has a smooth and comfortable overall feel, and it is easy to slip when operating with wet hands. In the early stage of design, considering the situation that users open the password lock of the locker with their bare hands, the Make R&D team specially made the two sides of the lock into a style with side grip.

Mini size

Mk733 is 103mm long and 16mm wide. The mini size makes mk733 more suitable for any style of lockers. The small mounting hole corresponding to the small size also protects the cabinet to the greatest extent.

In addition to safety, the mk733 smart locker password lock also brings you beautiful visual experience, ingenious design idea and wonderful use experience.



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