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Advantages of four mechanical code lock

Under the background of the popularity of intelligent products, is the four digit mechanical code lock still useful?

Intelligent electronic code lock is favored by consumers because of its intelligent attribute, but it still has its limitations. For example, in case of power failure or downtime, the lock cannot be opened normally. The four digit mechanical code lock does not rely on the power supply and uses traditional key management, so it still occupies a certain market share.


 four digit code lock

The mk716, a four digit mechanical code lock of MAKE, is still very popular. What are its advantages?


High security

The surface of mk716 is made of zinc alloy. The overall touch is smooth and delicate. The style is high-end and atmospheric, and can cover a variety of medium and high-end scenes. Its key tooth combination reaches 10000+, and it is equipped with a replaceable lock cylinder system. If the key or primary key is lost, the lock cylinder replacement key can be used to replace the original lock cylinder, so as to improve the safety performance of the lock and make the replacement installation more convenient and easy.


Scrambled automatically

As a four digit mechanical code lock, mk716 is slightly equipped with intelligent factors. In order to maximize the security of the lock, the R & D team of MAKE added password automatic reset function to mk716. When the user uses the set password to open the lock and open the cabinet door, the four digit code lock will be restored to 0000. The user does not need to manually disturb the password to avoid password leakage.

Mechanical Combination Locker Lock


Retrieve code

The mk716 is equipped with a master key. When the user forgets the password, the master key can be used with its own primary key locking function, and the password can be easily retrieved by following the instructions.

The “intelligent” shadow on the four digit mechanical code lock is a product of MAKE following the trend of the times and combining its own traditional characteristics.



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