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Features of MAKE electronic cabinet lock

Electronic cabinet lock refers to the electronic lock suitable for furniture cabinets, file cabinets and other cabinets. Its types include electronic password lock, electronic RFID lock, etc. Electronic cabinet locks are generally characterized by intelligent systems and convenient management. What are the characteristics of smart electronic cabinet locks of MAKE?

Electronic cabinet lock

Password management

Mk733 is equipped with 12 digital number panels. Users can realize switch lock management by setting a number of digital passwords. The reasonable spacing layout between the digital keys makes it difficult for users to touch the keys by mistake, and the unlocking response is faster.


Switching between two modes

Mk733 supports free switching between temporary mode and fixed mode. In the temporary mode, the password set by the user can only be unlocked at one time. After opening the lock, the password will be reset automatically until the next user sets a new unlock password. In the fixed mode, after the user sets the password, the lock will be unlocked by entering the fixed password each time.

electronic lock

Master key

If the battery runs out or fails, the lock will not be opened. Therefore, many electronic cabinet locks will be equipped with master keys to deal with emergency unlocking. The difference between mk733 and other electronic cabinet locks in the market is that under the button, the key jack is hidden with the logo of MAKE. Before inserting the emergency key, the logo cover needs to be sucked up with a magnetic suction tool. The innovative method of hiding the key hole with logo not only keeps the lock beautiful, but also creates a new trend in the lock Market with its unique design.


The unique electronic cabinet lock can always reveal the aesthetic style and ingenious thoughts of MAKE in its design.




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