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Why does the locker lock need three-level management?

The single-level locker lock can also be managed. Why does the current locker lock need to be equipped with a three-level management system?

Traditional lockers are more managed by keys. When password locks are widely used, lockers also become the coverage of password locks. For the primary password lock, the manager switches the lock by setting the password. The upgraded password lock is equipped with a three-level management system. Through the division of management levels, the corresponding use permissions of different levels can be realized. How to realize the three-level management of the locker lock of Merck?


locker lock

The three-level management systems are: administrator level – manager level – user level.

Administrator level

Administrator level can set permissions for manager level, including authorization and cancellation. The administrator level is usually set by the superior leader of the direct administrator of the locker, and the manager password can be allocated according to the situation of the locker manager.


Manager level

The manager level can change or delete user passwords. The manager level is usually set by the locker lock administrator. By mastering the password authority of the user, the front-line locker lock administrator can better deal with various problems faced by the user, such as the user forgets the password or temporarily authorizes.

User level

User level means that each locker user can use the corresponding password to open or close the locker lock. When the lock of mk730 smart locker is occupied by the user, the led red light flashes every three seconds to remind the user of occupation. The intimate small improvement greatly improves the user experience.


The clear authority setting and function division can make the locker lock more convenient and safe in the actual use and management process. “Providing safety assurance for industrial products” is not only the mission of MAKE, but also the main spirit that runs through the production of MAKE.



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