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Smart office furniture lock: the guardian of private items

With the development of the times, our life has gradually become intelligent. Naturally, office furniture cannot be left behind, and it is gradually embarking on the road of intelligence. In addition to bringing convenience to our office life, intelligent office furniture can also improve work efficiency and increase corporate income.

In the future, smart office furniture locks will also have a good prospect with the development of smart office furniture. Today, MAKE will take you to understand several major features of smart office furniture locks.

no key required

There are various types of smart electronic locks, and the locks are complex in structure, equipped with password identification, RFID and Bluetooth technology, and have a high safety factor and are not easy to be cracked. While meeting the intelligent needs of office storage, it also gives users a full sense of security.

Management level

The smart electronic lock has multi-level management levels: management level, user level, and manager level. Users at different levels can be assigned different access rights. It is very suitable for office storage equipment that needs to be managed, improving management efficiency and level.

Temporary and Fixed Mode

MAKEsmart electronic lock has the function of free switching between temporary and fixed modes. Temporary mode is suitable for public office storage cabinets. Users can be authorized according to their needs. Users can set their own passwords and deposit items. After use, the password will be automatically cleared until the next user resets the password. The function is practical and can be upgraded use experience.

The fixed mode is generally suitable for office storage cabinets (such as filing cabinets and filing cabinets) managed by special personnel, with high security, safety and reliability.

The advent of the intelligent era is accelerating the transformation of the office storage industry. As a provider of smart office storage solutions, MAKE will focus on the independent research and development of smart electronic locks, integrate technology and innovation, and provide customers with intelligent, safe and convenient smart office storage solutions. The future has come, MAKE smart office furniture locks allow you to enjoy smart storage!



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