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What are the application scenarios of combination locks on office furniture?

Combination lock is a common type of lock for office furniture. It can be found in file cabinets, lockers and filing cabinets, and the application scenarios are very extensive.

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According to different structures, office furniture combination locks are mainly divided into two types: mechanical combination locks and electronic combination locks. What are their application scenarios on office furniture? And how to provide security for office furniture? Today, we will introduce you one by one.

File cabinets

In an office environment, filing cabinets are a must for most office areas. By configuring a file cabinet, it can completely match the style of the entire office, improve the appearance of the office space, and bring fun to the office to a certain extent.

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MAKE’s four-digit combination lock has a plain and elegant appearance and versatile colors, which can be suitable for office furniture, making your filing cabinet instantly upscale. The four-digit combination lock is easy to set and easy to unlock, which can save time for opening the cabinet.


Many companies or units will provide employees with lockers to store their personal belongings. A smart keypad lock that allows everyone to concentrate on work and improve work efficiency.

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MAKE touch keypad combination lock is made of all-metal material, 10-digit password keypad, and has IP65 high protection level to resistamce water, moisture and dust, providing security for users all the time!

MAKE office furniture combination locks are of high quality and cost-effective, and have won the recognition of customers at home and abroad. In the future, we will continue to provide security for thousands of office workers, guarding everyone’s privacy and office security!



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