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Locker lock manufacturers: change, only for better life and quality

In this era of focusing on quality and service, the locker is undergoing its own transformation. Locker lock manufacturers are also constantly improving their products, striving to gain an advantage in market competition.



As a locker lock solution provider based in the lock industry for many years, the changes in the MAKE smart locker locks show everyone the efforts made by MAKE to provide better quality and life.

All Metal Lock Body

In today’s era, the public is more pursuing simple and practical products. MAKE smart locker lock adopts an integrated structure design, and the execution structure and circuit are closely connected together, realizing the double combination of lightness and safety.


The lock body is made of all metal (zinc alloy), which increase the high-end texture of the locker. It can be installed with only two standard mounting holes, which will cause less damage to the cabinet, and can perfectly fit various lockers.


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antibacterial function 

The epidemic of the ” COVID-19″ has brought public health into the focus of everyone’s attention.

MAKE smart locker lock are added antibacterial ingredients to the silicone keypad and the coating material of the lock body , which can not only resist Staphylococcus, but also Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

After professional testing by an authoritative testing organization, the antibacterial ability has reached more than 97%, with excellent effects and safer use.


Public and private Mode

The prevalence of public lockers has also changed the way lockers are managed. The smart locker lock has the function of free switching between public and private modes, and the locker manager can set the mode of the cabinet according to the needs.

The temporary mode is suitable for “one-to-many” usage scenarios, while the fixed mode is suitable for “one-to-one” usage scenarios, which solves the problems of low locker usage and high cost of changing management modes in various application scenarios.

Quiet changes are only for better quality and life. The reform is still going on, and the exploration of locker lock manufacturers is still moving forward. We will continue to keep pace with the times and create more safe, fashionable and high-quality locker locks for the public!




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