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What are the advantages of MAKE digital electronic locker lock?

Digital electronic lock is a common type of lock for lockers. It not only looks fashionable, but also provides a smart and convenient life for everyone.

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MK733 digital electronic locker lock, meets the diversified needs of users with its high security quality and various functions, and has become one of the classic locks of MAKE. Let’s take a look at its advantages!

MK733 is made of zinc alloy ,with satin chrome plated, strong and durable.The code is set and changed by the user, making it more convenient to use without a key. When the user needs to unlock, just enter the code and there is no need to wake up.

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The emergency opening function is an important function for every digital electronic lock. When the lock encounters applause, emergency opening can help us unlock it quickly. MK733 is equipped with an emergency lock cylinder, which is convenient for users to open the lock in an emergency, without destroying the lock or the locker.

MK733 has a unique function of free switch between private and public use mode. When in the public mode, users can set their own code and deposit, and the code will be automatically cleared after the items are taken away until the next user resets them.This mode is especially suitable for gyms, water parks, hot spring clubs and other places.

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There is a handle design on the side of MK733, which is convenient for users. It is also equipped with a three-level management system,users do not need to worry about forgetting passwords, and managers do not need to worry about smart electronic lock management.

With the above excellent designs, MK733 digital electronic locker lock has brought safety and convenience to many locker users, and is favored and praised by customers!



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