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The solutions provided by MAKE four digit password lock for users

The four digit password lock is a common lock on the lockers and safes of schools, hospitals, factories, offices, airports, railway stations, swimming pools, baths and clubs, providing security for users’ belongings.

With the development of the industry, lock manufacturers continue to optimize their own products, such as safety/ user experience/ and constantly take various soulutions to meet the diverse needs of users.

What kinds of sulutions are used in the process of the four digit password lock of MAKE? Let’s have a look!

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The four digit password lock is a lock specially designed for lockers in public places such as gyms, bath centers and schools.It is made of zinc alloy material, and the surface is treated by special processes such as powder spraying and painting, which can be used with various types of cabinets. At the same time, the zinc alloy material is not easy to wear, but also resistant to moisture, heat, corrosion and has long service life.


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Compared with other password locks, MAKE four digit password lock has the function of “Scramble dial”.When the user close the lock, the dials will automatically scramble to 0-0-0-0, and there is no need to manually disrupt the dials to prevent disclosure and protect user privacy and property security!


During the use of the lock, it may often cannot be opened due to forgetting the dials. Taking into account the use of different users, MAKE has equipped the four digit password lockwith an emergency management key. When users forget their dials, they can use the management key to emergency unlock, which greatly improves the use experience.

After reading the above, do you like the four digit password lock of MAKE?



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