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What is Combination Lock

A combination lock is an innovative type of locking system where a series of numbers, either alphabetic or numeric, is employed to unlock the door. The sequence can also be entered by pressing a single rotating wheel which interacts with a series of discs, or with a series of small discs that directly interact with the key-engaging locking mechanism. A typical combination lock consists of a small round metal padlock which has several keys mounted on it.


Combination locks are typically designed to be secure for short periods of time, but they are quite secure enough to be used for an extended period of time. However, some of these locks tend to become broken after some period of use and need replacing. These locks are not suitable to be used in places where heavy-duty locks are required. They are ideal for areas such as commercial establishments or in homes. The security of combination locks is enhanced because of their unique combination feature which provides added security, even when combined with other types of locks.


Combination locks are ideal for commercial establishments and are often found in office buildings, shopping centers, and other places of business. These locks have been designed to be very durable and resistant to both break-ins and wear and tear. As a result, they are quite easy to install and maintain. These locks generally have a keyed locking mechanism which makes them simple to enter.

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Combination locks are quite popular in the residential world, because they allow for easy access to doors or windows without having to use a key. However, these locks are usually very easy to break-in and can be broken using the common household tools. Although these locks are generally very secure, they are not as secure as more complex combinations, as they are easily opened using mechanical means or through physical force.


Round metal padlocks, which are also known as keyed locks, are ideal for both home and business applications, as they are designed to be more secure and reliable than traditional combinations, and provide a variety of levels of security to the individual. Most of these locks feature an electronic key system, which automatically opens the door with the assistance of a key inserted into the keypad provided.

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Keyless locks work via radio waves, which transmit the signal to the device, which then sends the code to the circuit board of the lock which in turn sends a signal to the device, which then sends the code back to the keypad or control panel. A lock must be placed on the door or window in such a way that the code sent to the circuit board cannot be picked up by anyone else before it gets processed. This technology helps to make the lock highly reliable and effective, since no other person can pick up the code in advance.



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