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Combination lock, make the office environment more secure and concise

The leadership office is an independent office area. Generally speaking, the leadership office will be equipped with bookcases, lockers to meet the needs of daily work, while matching the style of the entire office, improving the appearance of the office space. In addition, the safe is also a standard configuration of the leadership office, used to store important documents, contracts, and important information. Therefore, the safety of the leadership office is particularly important for a company.

Combination lock, make the office environment more secure and concise(图1)

Therefore, the locks used in the leadership office must not only be able to match the lockers and bookcases, but also be safe and reliable. MAKE 4 digit combination lock MK708 has a plain and elegant appearance, which makes the office cabinet instantly upscale. The key combination of MK708 is 10,000, with a large number of combinations and high safety factor. It is a loyal steward of office safes and file cabinets.


Modern office decoration is more humane than before, and the facilities are more complete. Many companies will try to create a warm, home atmosphere for their employees, such as placing refrigerators, microwaves, snack racks in the pantry, or equip them with simple storage cabinets to facilitate storage of things, so that the office environment looks more tidy. The appearance of the 4 digit combination lock of MAKE is versatile in color, which complements the locker. In terms of installation, MAKE 4 digit code lock draws on the inspiration of Chinese traditional furniture culture-tenon and tenon structure. It is convenient to install, and will not cause damage to the cabinet.



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