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How to turn the locker into a safe? MAKE combination lock reveals the secret for you!

With the improvement of living standards, many people are increasingly pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Gyms and swimming pools have gradually become a good place for many people to exercise. In the gym, swimming pool and other places, locker is everyone will use the necessary facilities. With the increasing demand for the safety of the locker, the electronic keypad lock is gradually widely used in the locker of these places.


In recent years, the development of electronic keypad lock is rapid. Compared with the traditional password lock, the electronic keypad password lock is easy to operate, and do not have to worry about the problem of key loss. It has many advantages, such as high security, easy operation and so on. It also makes the locker instantly incarnate “safe”, so that everyone has no worries about fitness and entertainment.


So, how does MAKE keypad password lock make the locker incarnate “safe”? Let’s see what the secret is!


How to turn the locker into a safe? MAKE combination lock reveals the secret for you!(图1)


All metal design

Mk731 is a kind of electronic keypad code lock specially designed for all kinds of cabinets. It is made of zinc alloy material, and the surface is treated by powder coated and satin chrome. The all metal shell is not only fashionable in appearance, but also can be matched with various cabinets to improve the appearance and grade of the cabinet. At the same time, mk731 also has IP55 protection level, which can easily cope with various harsh environments.


12 security button keypad

Although most of the current locker are using intelligent electronic lock, but the case of items stolen in the locker happens from time to time, therefore, we are also increasing the security demand for locker lock. MK731 has 12 security button keypad, set up a four-level management system, and equipped with a master key for emergency unlock, higher security performance.



Two modes, switch freely

The MK731 all-metal key code lock also has a free switching function between temporary mode and fixed mode. The user sets his own password and saves the item. After using the item, the password is automatically cleared until the next user resets it. The function is practical , Easy to set up!


The above is the secret of the keypad combination lock to make the locker become a “safe”!

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