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How to choose a safe and reliable smart cabinet lock

With the popularization of intelligent technology, the application of intelligent lock in our life is more and more extensive. The intelligent cabinet lock is different from the traditional mechanical lock, which is more intelligent in the aspects of user identification, security and management. However, smart cabinet locks are not a universal product, so what should we pay attention to in the process of purchase and selection?


The first is both appearance and function.

The first principle of the appearance design of smart cabinet lock is: concise. Especially in the pursuit of exquisite quality of life today, whether smart cabinet locks can improve the quality of life has become a concern of many people. Although many smart cabinet locks are designed to be large and luxurious, once installed on the cabinet, they often appear very abrupt, which reduces the cabinet’s style.


The second is to pay attention to the safety of smart cabinet locks. The reason why smart cabinet locks can be widely used is that they have been greatly improved in terms of safety. In the current smart cabinet lock market, there are various types of smart electronic locks, but the product quality is uneven, so we should pay attention to the safety of smart cabinet locks when purchasing. You can’t blindly believe that all smart cabinet locks are safe.

How to choose a safe and reliable smart cabinet lock - Trade News - 2

Finally, although the current smart electronic locks are gaining popularity, most smart electronic locks are still inseparable from the “assistance” of the mechanical lock cylinder. Therefore, when we choose smart cabinet locks, we must pay attention to choosing smart cabinet locks with mechanical lock cylinders to avoid that the smart locks cannot be opened when they fail; in addition, we must pay special attention to the material and structure of the mechanical lock cylinders. In addition, we should pay special attention to the material, structure and precision of the mechanical lock core. Generally speaking, the anti-theft performance of the mechanical lock core depends on three aspects: one is the material of the lock, the more tough the better; Second, the structure of the lock core, each structure has its own advantages and disadvantages, several different structure combination is far better than a single structure; The third is the precision of machining, the higher the precision, the better.


The above are a few tips on how to choose a smart cabinet lock, I hope it can be helpful to you.



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