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Under the epidemic, contactless smart locks make your life safer

The Spring Festival this year, the outbreak of a new coronavirus epidemic has plunged people across the country into panic. In February, the news that a nucleic acid of a new coronavirus was found on the door handle of a diagnosed patient’s home by the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention aroused people’s attention to the safety and health of locks such as door locks and cabinet locks.

contactless smart locks

“If the virus is attached to the surface of the object, touching the surface of the contaminated object with your bare hands, eating, rubbing your eyes unconsciously, etc. may cause infection.”


In daily life, public equipment such as door handle locks, locker locks, and courier locks are places where many people often touch. There is a high possibility of a large number of bacteria and even viruses, which may easily cause potential indirect transmission risks. Traditional locks and even some smart locks require operations such as entering passwords, fingerprints, pressing handles, etc. It is inevitable that the human body will come into contact with the door lock. There are certain risks during this special period.


Since the New Coronavirus is transmitted mainly through droplets and contact, blocking the route of transmission has become the key to controlling the spread of the epidemic. Electronic card locks and smart IoT locks can effectively block contact transmission channels and greatly protect users’ health. Therefore, when using some public facilities, it is particularly important to use locks such as electronic card locks and smart interlocks.


The electronic card lock mainly uses RFID technology, that is, non-contact automatic ID recognition technology. It automatically recognizes the ID number of the target object through radio frequency signals, and quickly, accurately and accurately collects and processes the object information. When the user opens / closes the lock, he only needs to place the bracelet or card close to the cabinet lock to sense it, and the unlocking step can be completed in a short time without direct contact with the device, which reduces the risk of cross-infection by the user. Reduces anxiety and brings security and peace of mind to users.

Under the epidemic, contactless smart locks make your life safer(图2)

During the epidemic prevention and control, in order to reduce the frequency of personnel contact and reduce the risk of infection, intelligent express cabinets played an important role in the distribution process of express delivery.

The smart IoT locks produced by MAKE can be applied to smart express cabinets and shared rental cabinets. Users only need to use the WeChat public account / mini-program / APP “smart cabinet service” to carry out package retrieval operations. The entire process is no indirect contact with others, so the cross-infection during the delivery process is greatly reduced, giving everyone an extra peace of mind.

At present, MAKE’s smart IoT lock supports locks with Bluetooth, NB-IoT, LoRa, Zig-Bee, NFC, Wi-Fi and other technologies. In the future, with the accelerated release of market demand, application scenarios are constantly being mined. It is believed that the smart IoT IoT lock will definitely open up new markets.



The new crown epidemic is fierce, and safety precautions are essential. Contactless smart locks such as electronic card locks and smart IoT locks can effectively reduce the risk of indirect contact for us, and the operation is simple and fast. It is believed that after the epidemic situation, with the increase of public awareness, non-contact smart locks such as credit card electronic locks and smart thing interlocks will generate new demand and further occupy the market.



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