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Safe and delicate, MAKE office furniture locks make the office more stylish!

In modern enterprises, good-looking and interesting office furniture can not only create an efficient and flexible office environment, enhance employees’ sense of belonging to the company, but also bring people closer to each other through the environment and space. Studies have shown that: office furniture with a strong sense of comfort can effectively improve work efficiency. Therefore, a comfortable and safe office environment is very important.


Safe and delicate, MAKE office furniture locks make the office more stylish!(图1)

MAKE takes safety, practicality, environmental protection and art as its responsibility. Starting from office furniture lock, it provides one-stop security solutions for customers, brings new fashion trends for the development of office furniture lock, and helps to improve the style of the office!


Open office space is a way of working in many companies today.
However, for the majority of office workers, it is not enough to have a lofty office environment alone, and the security of the office area is also indispensable, after all, office furniture is the partner that accompanies most employees, and they know more privacy and secrets.


MAKE 4 digit combination lock MK716 is easy to operate, and has a resettable function, when the user open the lock, at the same time, the dials will automatically return to zero the prevent the password leaked. Further improvements have been made in the protection of user privacy and security.


When the password is forgotten, the four-digit password lock can be quickly retrieved by master key, and the master key can be used for emergency unlock, which not only lets the user get rid of the trouble of finding the key, but also facilitates the management of the office cabinet.


MAKE office furniture lock has excellent quality and high cost performance, and has won the recognition of customers at home and abroad. It is providing security for millions of office workers and silently protecting everyone’s privacy and office security!



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