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See how MAKE combination cam lock play a central role

Combination cam locks are the most common locks on lockers and safes in schools, hospitals, factories, offices, airports, train stations, swimming pools, baths, clubs, and password cam locks.



We often say: “Like a person, start with the appearance, be loyal to character.” And to choose a combination cam lock, we also need to start with the appearance, fall into safety, and be loyal to quality. For the general combination cam lock, it is even more difficult to have the all three advantages of appearance, safety and quality. So, how does MAKE’s password cam lock do it?

See how MAKE combination cam lock play a central role(图1)

MAKE’s combination cam lock MK716 is one of MAKE’s new products, specially designed for storage cabinets in public places such as gyms, bathing centers, schools, etc. When users use MK716, it can be unlocked by simply flipping the correct four-digit code. The operation is convenient and the code is easy to remember. The password combination ranges from 0000 to 9999, and there are a total of 10,000 combinations, with a large number of combinations and a high safety factor.


Details determine success or failure, and quality creates a brand. Compared with other combination cam locks, the biggest highlight of MK716 is the addition of resettable function. Don’t underestimate the importance of this feature in protecting our privacy and property. When the user uses the password to open the lock, the dials of MK716 will automatically return to zero, which will not cause our password to be disclosed, and there is no need for us to manually disrupt the password roulette. Therefore, MK716 has been further improved in terms of preventing password leakage and protecting user privacy and property security.


The 4 digit combination lock MK716 is made of zinc alloy and ABS material, and the surface is treated with  satin chrome plated.The appearance is fashionable, simple. It can be matched with various cabinets to instantly improve the appearance and grade of your cabinet. On the whole, it is a cost-effective combination cam lock.


For some elderly and children, it may often happen that the password lock cannot be opened due to forgetting the password. Taking into account the usage of different user groups and combining user needs, we equip MK716 with emergency management key. When the user forgets the password, the master key can be used to unlock the lock urgently, or the password can be retrieved quickly by the master key. Greatly enhance the user experience.


As a manufacturer committed to providing high-end locks for the locker and office furniture industry, Xiamen MAKE takes the combination of safety, practicality, environmental protection and art as its responsibility to provide one-stop security solutions for customers, bringing new fashion trends for the development of locker and office furniture locks in China!
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