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4 digit code lock-make gym management easier

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, national fitness has become popular, and going to the gym to burn calories has become a fashionable way of life. With the increase of the safety demand for the locker of the gym and the pursuit of better user experience, the locker has become the standard accessory of every gym, and the locker combination lock also appeared on the stage of the gym.

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Although the gym provides convenience for the majority of fitness enthusiasts, management is not so easy for managers. The issues of stolen items in the locker and high maintenance costs often plague managers. Therefore, as an important line of defense to protect the safety of the locker, the choice of locker lock is very important to the majority of managers. MAKE 4 digit code lock MK706 is a lock suitable for lockers. It has a wide range of applications and is very popular among gym managers. As for the advantages of its application in the locker, just follow me.

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Safe and reliable

Although the key lock is low in price and convenient to use, its safety is not guaranteed. Moreover, the key of the mechanical lock is easy to copy, which gives the thief an opportunity. Compared with key locks, the security of MAKE 4 digital combination lock MK706 has been greatly improved. From 0000 to 9999, there are 10,000 password combinations. Therefore, MK706 is a lock with high safety factor, which can make the majority of fitness enthusiasts feel more at ease and the managers more comfortable.


Easy to manage and maintain

In addition to safety and convenience, since the gym locker is located in a humid environment and will inevitably come into contact with water, the disadvantages of traditional locker locks that are easy to rust and damage are not applicable to gym lockers. The MK706 lock housing is made of ABS, and the surface is treated with powder coating, which can prevent moisture, heat and corrosion, so the lock has a long service life and low maintenance costs, and is very convenient for gym management.


Improve the fitness experience

The user can set a four-digit password to unlock the lock without a key, which is simple and convenient. Moreover, the password has only four digits, which is not easy to forget. Even when the password is forgotten, the administrator can help the customer to unlock the lock by emergency key.


As the weather gets hotter and hotter, more and more people will choose to go to the gym for exercise. The safety of the gym needs extra attention!
MAKE friendship prompts the majority of gym managers, in addition to do a good job in the safety of locker locks, but also more to remind everyone moderate exercise, pay attention to safety!
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