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What cabinet lock can be called a “high-end cabinet lock”?

Cabinets are a very common item in our world. They range from lockers and lockers to as small as chests of drawers at home. In these cabinets, our important items and some little secrets are hidden, and these secrets are protected with various cabinet locks.

What cabinet lock can be called a “high-end cabinet lock”? Perhaps the smart electronic lock MK735 of MAKE lock factory can provide us with the answer.

The MK735 lock body is made of all metal (zinc alloy),which has round and smooth lines and an excellent feel. Full-screen classic design, touch-screen password, the entire lock is integrated, and the strong metal texture highlights the high-end texture.

In the past, touch keypad combination locks were prone to accidental touches due to the small spacing between numbers. MK735 has a digit spacing of over 7mm, so no matter how big your fingers are, you can accurately enter every password digit. At the same time, MK735 is highly responsive and can truly achieve rapid digital response at the touch of a finger.

The lock body adopts an integrated design, and the execution structure and the circuit are closely integrated to achieve the dual combination of lightness and safety; The battery is located in the lock body, which avoids the problem of poor contact caused by frequent battery replacement and greatly improves the stability of the lock itself. It only requires two standard mounting holes to complete the installation, which can perfectly match all types of cabinets and improve cabinet texture.

The zinc alloy body coating material of MK735 is added with antibacterial ingredients, which can achieve good inactivation and antibacterial effects, thus ensuring the health and safety of users. The antibacterial effect has long-term stability and durability.

Reliable quality, safe performance, and elegant appearance make this excellent cabinet lock undoubtedly a high-end cabinet lock! China lock manufacturer/supplier MAKE welcomes you to come for consultation!



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