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Smart locker lock – protect your private space and give your life more peace of mind

In the fast-paced modern life, whether you are sweating in the gym, swimming in the underwater world in the swimming pool, or enjoying a moment of tranquility in the public bathroom, a safe and reliable locker lock is undoubtedly an important factor in protecting personal privacy and ensuring the safety of property. an important part of.

Today, let us know about MAKE smart locker lock MK731 and experience how it can add peace of mind and convenience to your daily life with its superior quality and thoughtful design.

Safety and convenience are key indicators to measure the performance of locker locks. MK731 uses keypad to unlock, the password can be freely combined with 10 digits, and the amount number of password combinations makes security more secure.


From the user’s perspective, this is the consistent design concept of MAKE smart locker locks. MK731 has multiple management levels: management level, user level, manager level. Different levels correspond to different permissions. For example, when you forget your password, you can use the management password to unlock it.

At the same time, MK731 has functions such as temporary and fixed mode switching, status prompts, etc., aiming to make the management of smart locker locks more convenient.

In addition, there is an emergency lock cylinder in the center of the handle of MK731, equipped with a master key. Its purpose is to provide users with an emergency unlocking function when the electronic lock cannot be opened normally, allowing users to unlock the lock in an emergency without damaging the lock or cabinet. We guarantee the security of users’ belongings and information.


MK731 adopts classic colors, and the overall design has high-end and quality texture. The panel is as thin as 1cm and is made of strong zinc alloy material and can perfectly fit all kinds of cabinets.


The waterproof and dustproof rating is IP55 and the buttons are designed with full silicone and have excellent heat resistance and cold resistance. They are especially suitable for humid environments such as gyms, swimming pools, and bathing centers.

An excellent locker lock is like your personal security butler, always on the front line, guarding the safety of your private space and property. Smart locker lock MK731 allows you to face every wonderful moment of life more calmly.



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