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What are the similarities and differences of MAKE electronic locker locks?

To better serve our customers, MAKE produced the rise series of products, including MK729, MK731, MK735, and more, focusing on the security performance and intelligent management functions required for electronic locker locks.These products provide you with safe and convenient storage solutions.

Each of the three products has unique features, and this article delves into their similarities and differences to illustrate how MAKE is leading the new era of storage solutions.

Common points

Three electronic locker locks include excellent waterproof, anti-corrosion, and anti-prying designs to build a tight security line, three-level management system that can flexibly configure permissions based on actual needs to ensure orderly management, the ability to easily switch between public and private modes to meet diversified scenario needs, and the provision of a master key for emergency unlocking to ensure smooth use in emergency situations.

Different points

MK729 integrates technology into daily life, with its core advantage being its high compatibility with the NFC function of smartphones. Users can easily unlock the lock with a simple touch. It offers two operation modes: fixed mode and temporary mode, greatly enhancing user experience and convenience.


MK731 features 12 security button keypad, and through this multi-key combination method, the difficulty of cracking is doubled, effectively enhancing the security index of the lock and providing extra protection for your valuable belongings.

MK735 features 7mm ultra-wide digital spacing, delivering an excellent tactile feel and convenient user experience. With a light touch of the fingertips, the numbers respond quickly, making the unlocking process an instant pleasure. This also demonstrates MAKE’s unique craftsmanship in humanized design.

All three electronic locker locks from MAKE are committed to providing rigorous security and advanced intelligence. You can compare their similarities and differences based on your specific needs and choose the lock that best suits your requirements. For more detailed information about our products, please contact us.



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